In 2012, I continued my "Year in Color" series using the same color process begun in 2011. The practice is an attempt to translate and capture the day’s unique experiences, activities, and moods.) The 5” x 5” wood panels were divided into a color according to the percentage of the moon that was illuminated on that date and a mixture of blacks depicting the percentage of the moon in shadow.

In addition, I also experimented with translating the daily color record of the moon phases in a different scale and made prints of the original palettes on metal plates.

Year in Color: Lunar Phases 2012 (52 weeks + 2 days)Week 27Week 28Week 29Week 30Weeks 31, 32, 33Week 34Week 35Week 36Week 37Week 38Weeks 39, 40, 41Weeks 42, 43, 44, 45Week 46Week 47Week 48Week 49Week 50Weeks 51, 52, 52.239Palette: Days 7/15/12 to 8/7/12Palette: Days 8/8/12 to 9/1/12Palette: Days 9/2/12 to 9/29/12Palette: Days 10/28/12 to 11/24/12