This series was created in conjunction with the annual juried exhibition "50 | 50" organized by the Sanchez Art Center of Pacifica, CA.  The premise of 50 small art works in 50 days is an opportunity for California artists to create and share fresh work within a set of parameters.  

The work that I made for this exhibition was an outgrowth of my Painting Time series, begun in 2011.  For this incarnation, I have created a two-part painting for each day, starting on Monday, June 17th, and ending Monday, August 5th. The smaller 5” x 5” panels’ colors are derived from a palette of reds, blues, yellows, and whites. The color for each day begins with the previous day’s color and develops from responses to daily events. The larger 6” x 6” panels chronicle each respective day’s percentage of daylight and temperature, which ranges through a mixture of dark blues, black, and white. The darkest blue represents the night, while the variation blues of the daylight represent the temperature changes, medium dark blue: coolest days, the medium light: temperate days, and the white blue: hot days. The position of the small panel against the larger panel is determined by the day of the week.

The weeks are presented vertically, beginning with Monday and ending at the bottom with Sunday. During my travels over this time period, which included an extended tenure in New England, I applied the daylight percentages and temperature highs of my most constant location to each day’s painting.

Small panels of color and drawings are combined in a further extension of the days.

Painting Days with BrushMoments 2MemoriesDay 1.3 2016Painting Days ReconfiguredPainting Days: Oct 13 - 19th, 2013Painting Days with BottlesPainting Days with VesselPainting Days with BottlePainting Days with HatPainting Days with MugPainting Days with ChairPainting Days: September 2013Painting Days: October 2013Painting Days: September and October 2013Painting DaysPainting Days: 7/5/13Painting Days: 7/6/13Painting Days: 7/7/13Painting Days: 7/8/13Painting Days: 7/9/13Painting Days: 8/5/13
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